Contract Staffing

Outsourcing contract staff is an effective way to meet temporary and project basis demands for manpower and business exigencies.

Contract staffing is becoming increasingly popular for companies because of its ability to place headcount under the payroll of recruitment agencies in Singapore. As your payroll service provider, we ensure that your business will always be in compliance with Singapore's local employment laws and regulations. Not only does this allow companies to hire foreign headcount, but it also helps to reduce the amount of administrative work that is required from a human resources department. This ensures that proper allocation of time and focus can be made for other more important areas of the business such as internal management, and efficient candidate sourcing for other positions.

Our exposure to different scales of projects across industries has allowed us to accumulate a pool of readily available contract staff who are experienced in their fields. For large-scale project hiring, time is of the essence, one of the reasons why clients constantly come back to us for their projects is because of our ability to produce quality profiles for their consideration within a short period of time.

Having a ready pool of candidates is one thing, being able to take a step further and fully understand, utilize and propose suitable candidates to our clients is another reason why many hiring managers feel comfortable working with us over the years.

Specialized Contract Sourcing Consultants

For most recruitment agencies in Singapore, a specialized group of consultants is allocated to work on supplying candidates for such projects. They are equipped to quickly identify the skill sets needed for a project and recommend the most suitable profiles for the job. At Kingsforce, our objectives are to reduce the cycle time and increase efficiency by providing full HR support to our clients.

Our consultants are used to handling challenging assignments that may require specific skill sets and experience in a certain industry. Specifically, Kingsforce consultants are specialized in recruitment in construction, recruitment in oil and gas, recruitment in pharmaceutical and service industries. We take up recruitment projects in Singapore, as well as other parts of the world like Qatar, Vietnam, and China.

How Long Do Contract Jobs Last?
Contracts can last anywhere from a single day to several months or years. It is an excellent solution for employers who wish to on-board additional headcount for only a short period of time or on a project basis. Another advantage of hiring contract employees is being able to gauge the performance of the individual if he/she is going to be converted to a permanent placement in your company. You can take it as a trial for a full-time position without having to commit long-term.

After this, it is common for employers to decide if they wish to retain the current hire and extend the contract. In some cases, employers may even choose to convert their contract staff to a permanent position.

What Is In The Contract Staffing Package?
Contract staffing services with Kingsforce includes a variety of administrative services:

1. Management of individual candidate monthly payroll
2. Disbursement of monthly salary with a payslip
3. Management of claims and paid maternity leave benefits
4. Individual candidate medical leave, hospitalization leave, and annual leave management
5. Administration of overtime salary, hospitalization, and medical claims
6. Submission of annual income tax
7. Monthly CPF contributions (for locals staff)
8. Monthly headcount overview report

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